John Ferrara

Jazz Pianist/Arranger/Composer

Interactive Music Test #1

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This is the kind of standard music knowledge any musician should possess. The most important basic subjects that should be mastered are: 3 and 4 part chords, major and minor scales (natural, harmonic, melodic) in all keys, intervals, key signatures, time signatures, basic harmony, reading music, and ear training.

Use upper case letters for note names, # for sharp, b (lower case B) for flat, space between each note ex: C E F# Bb. Use lower case for interval description (major, minor, etc) and numeric for the actual interval. ex: major 3rd, perfect 5th, minor 7th. (If you don't know the answer, or simply want to know it without entering anything, just click "enter").

Spell an F-7 root position chord

Spell a Gmaj7 root position chord

Spell a Cdim7th root position chord

Spell an Eb major scale (ex C D E F G A B C ) - include the top Eb (8 note scale)

If you make a perfect 5th interval smaller by 1/2 step,
what is the resulting interval? (use lower case for response)

What is the note name of a tension 9 on Ebmaj7?

Name the notes in a root position B triad.

Name the interval between A and the F# above.

Name the interval between A and the C# below.

Name the notes in an Abmin triad, 2nd inversion.

What are the 3 intervals between the first 4 notes of any major scale
(use the lower case words "half" or "whole" separated by 1 space each - no quotes).